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This Is Your Life

TIYL Cropped Cover

Gabe King is as famous as they come.


I wouldn’t know.

It’s by chance that we run into each other, and all I can do is gawk at his icy blue eyes and model-worthy stature. He’s immediately dismissive of me, thinking I’m some crazed fan, and I’m left in confusion as to why the gorgeous stranger with arrogance the size of Manhattan just told me off in a public park.

With the help of his foul-mouthed, chain-smoking sister and adorable dog, we’re given a second chance, and soon I’m swept up by his charm and drawn to something deeper and darker that he hides from the world.

The more time we spend together, the more I’m certain I absolutely want to find out who the real Gabe King is. But with fame, there’s a price to be paid—and I’m not sure I can afford the admission.

"This Is Your Life" is a full-length adult romance novel set in New York City.

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Download a bonus scene from Gabe's perspective.

From Gabe & Julianna's Transit Museum Date