New Wave Book

New Wave

The Islands of Anarchy Series, Book One

When seventeen-year-old Mol is caught committing a crime, she kicks and screams her way into a dull existence of servitude in the Authority, the suffocating patriarchal regime that oversees The Network of Islands. Her penance makes her restless, and she soon finds an outlet to direct her attention — the young Commander who is at the root of her unhappiness.

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Praise for New Wave

"Really enjoyed this. I found the characters in New Wave to be likeable, strong, flawed, and mysterious enough to keep me rooting for them at each turn..."

"New Wave was a great read from the very beginning of the book, it kept you wanting to read more."

"Set in a dystopian setting, you’re quickly immersed into a world that is reminiscent of Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent but unique in its own way."

"New Wave is such a great example of taking a familiar genre and flipping it on its head."

"The development of the main character (Mol) and her circle of rebellious allies builds at a good pace and made it difficult to put down."

"The supporting cast is equally compelling and even our enemies are complex and interesting. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and slowly falling in love with the characters... like any good novel in a series, was left wanting to read the next one."

"The plot had me excited to see what happened in the next chapter. Can't wait for the next book in the series."

Writer Shelagh Dolan reviews New Wave:

"For me, personally, it was so refreshing to see a female protagonist in an action and adventure story like this..."

"New Wave is a strong debut from a first-time author. It held my attention until the very end and I’m already looking forward to diving back into Book Two."

The Uncorked Librarian Reviews New Wave:
"Most notably, New Wave gives us a brand new female heroine. One who is strong and kickass but also flawed and working on herself. Mol is neither dainty nor helpless. Beautiful and aware, she builds relationships, falters, and learns how to fight like a warrior with her words and weapons. Fearless, she leads an army for a greater cause, even taking a bullet.  Nothing can stop her.  Although Mol also falls in love, her love is not blinding. Mol never loses conviction, herself, her beliefs, or her family for a man.  She is cautious and brave. You go, girl."

Sisters With A Booktique Reviews New Wave:
“New Wave” is a great book for fans of alternative dystopian, science fiction, action, drama and romance. I spent a good deal of time trying to piece together motives and connections and, like any good novel in a series, was left wanting to read the next one.

TheGirlOnTheGo Reviews New Wave:
Mol is one hell of a heroine. She’s like that tiny streak of a sapling growing out of the cracks in pure concrete and finally breaking it entirely. I don’t know if I ever admired any female protagonist as much as her after Diana from Wonder Woman. Only that, Mol’s fully human.

BittyBookNook Reviews New Wave:
If you're a fan of young adult dystopian fiction with strong female leads, then New Wave should certainly be added to your summer reading list--especially if you're vacationing on an island somewhere this season!