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Everywhere, Always

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When Avery Miller wakes up in her hospital room, it’s to a life she didn’t expect, want, or ever imagine for herself.

She’s barely given time to mourn the death of her mother as she’s introduced to her new family—a father she never knew existed, a stepmother she didn’t want, and a brother who gave himself the job of being her enthusiastic best friend and overbearing protector before they even met.

All it takes is one car accident to change the trajectory of seventeen-year-old Avery's life forever, ripping her from the brink of poverty in Pennsylvania and tossing her into a new life in a penthouse apartment in the middle of New York City.

The visible marks on her skin are a tangible reminder of the pain she’s gone through, but it’s Ethan, the guy who lives one floor below and has a Shakespeare quote for every occasion, who helps her overcome loss, find herself again, and fall in love.

"Everywhere, Always" is a young adult romance set in New York City.

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Avery & Ethan's Tram Ride